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Originally Posted by Rikx1M View Post
Love mine...and the way your OP started, I also was expecting a car with 10K on'll be fine!

As Artemis said "The 1M can be snappy in treacherous road conditions (and Autumn just kicked off). Do leave all the nannies on/active at this stage - resist the Siren call of "MDM mode" and "DSC off" (you will have plenty of occasions in the future to toy with those, as well as with extra power mods). No offence, but only common sense: got to learn to walk properly before considering running."

That's the best advise I could also give you!
Thanks - your right, I do plan on taking it easy until I get used to the feel of the car.

Originally Posted by Shost View Post
Welcome mate,

Hope the purchase goes well. Agree with all above re stone chips with that mileage you might expect 3-4 max on the frontal area. I'd be suprised if you had much more than that, and no big defects. I have lots of tiny specs on the front of the rear arches.

Running cost wise I get about 27-28mpg with normal driving Personal best is about 34mpg or 9.6mpg depending on perspective. Worth checking if the car comes already with the Service Inclusive Package. You get the free servicing for 5 years or 60,000 miles. For brake wear, go into the Nav Menu - Vehicle Information, look for Car Status in the menus. It will tell you when oil, brakes and next service are due. Should be 15k miles for service, approx 25k miles for brakes. Much less than that and it would suggest its been thrashed!

Either way they are bloody tough cars so enjoy! With the DTC fully on! You may spin in MDM, you will spin with it all off.
Good tips - thanks dealer confirmed yesterday that it has got Service Inclusive which should limit my running costs to tyres and breaks (hopefully!).

Loving the MPG range I just sold my Cayman S which was also pretty good on fuel (late 20s to early 30s) with normal driving.