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Help w camber plate uninstall

I have to take my Vorshlag camber plates off as one of them has gone bad. I originally had them installed for me but now think I am good enough with cars to do it myself and save the $300. So I have a few questions about re-installing the OEM spring/strut perches.
-When I saw them installed before they had to remove the sway bar and the steering arm. Is this necessary? Is it possible to just loosen the strut at its mounting point near the hub and then pull the assembly down while the top three hat bolts are still connected? If not, can someone inform me how many lbs I need torque the swing arm and steering arm to when I reinstall them?
-Also there is a washer that is a little over 2" in diameter with what looks like a black painted ring on one side and the side with the ring on it slightly increases in thickness as you move towards the center. Where does this washer go and which side faces up?

I appreciate all of your help! Thanks!