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1. jack up car
2. take off tire
3. Disconnect the sway bar from the strut
4. top 3 bolts, loosen them
5. hold the tower in place then take the bolts out (it will swing into your fender with force)
6. swing the top of the tower back toward the rear of the car and it should come out of the fender
7. loosen the bolt at the bottom of the wheel carrier holding the bottom of the strut in place
8. use a pry bar and pull the strut out

Now that it's free
1. put on spring compressors
2. compress them so the top hat is loose
3. remove the top hat center bolt

That's half. Reverse instructions to put the OEM top hat back on and re-install the strut.

Note that torque settings are 100nm for everything at the wheel carrier. Sway bar is more difficult, but go to ~70nm if you can. Top nuts are 25 ft-lb (note change in units).

You should be able to do this yourself with hand tools, spring compressors, and a pry bar.