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Originally Posted by Shost View Post
Had an test drive Cayman S, it's was a lot more forgiving on the limit!

One problem you might notice is that the 1M has less review mirror presence than that Porsche. When I had that people moved out of the way. No one seems to notice the little M.

You have gone for an VO one so maybe it'll be alright?
Agree re the Cayman, but when they lose traction its like something has snapped, though thats similar in most mid engined cars I think. But it was like a very fast go kart!

Time for a change and I am really excited about the 1M - tis in VO so hopefully people will move and / or see me.

My other concern is the OBD issue - I am trying to hurry up my dealer re a fix but I guess there waiting for BMW to deliver one. Have you had any joy with BMW? I am considering picking up a Disklok - I am of the opinion that if someone really wants your car they will take it, but a deterrent or something that delays the process (and in turn sets off the alarm) should help.

Either that or I am going to start removing fuses at night