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Ask whether the clutch has been replaced just before you take delivery. I remember a Belgian guy testing one of the first 1M loaners last year. He reported that the clutch was already slipping despite the car having clocked only a few K kms. Test drive = putting to the test what the car is capable of. Decent car journalists do not perform wild stuff with a cold engine, so the story goes.

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The two 1M's that were used in the M Power Tour here in Germany during the last two months both needed multiple clutch replacements (I can vouch for at least two per car) after less than 1.000km per car.
Two clutches were killed on the Autobahn. Max. fifth gear, shift to sixth and floor the accelerator before the clutch has been completely released. 500nm take care of the rest. On one car, not only the clutch but both clutch and flywheel were torn apart. IMHO clear noob mistakes that had nothing to do with the clutch layout of the 1M.
If your dealer reassures you that the particular 1M is definitely in mint condition and that you should not worry at all about the risk of higher wear and tear compared to non-loaner cars, then he should not be reluctant to provide a four year warranty. If he's not willing to extend the warranty, his 'mint condition' statement would be less convincing for me: "caveat emptor".
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