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Originally Posted by 1mPanda View Post
how this oil feels on the track and autobahn under heavy loads?

find this oil at gas stations

but BMW dealer is not selling this oil, selling only Edge PROFESSIONAL

That is the same oil I use! (middle and far right in your picture, the on on the LEFT I don't know). I use: Castrol EDGE FST 0W-40 LL-1.

Online at the oel depot it sells for 40 euros for a 5L jug. At the stores or gas stations in Germany, it sells for 70 to 99 euros for that same 5L jug!

I use to use Castrol RS Edge 0w40 LL-4, but Castrol stopped selling that here. So since I always change my oil every 10K kms (max!) I think I am ok with using this LL-1 oil. My oil temps are cooler with using this G.C. oil than say Mobil-1's European Blend 0w40 LL-1 oil (bought on base, so its the oil sold in the states). AND... my engine runs a lot quieter with G.C. than it did with Mobil-1. Both are Long Life oils though.