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Originally Posted by gio View Post
My car's four-year anniversary was this past June. At that point I had barely 45k miles on the car but I wanted to get one last free service so I brought it in in May, a month before the warranty expired. They said they couldn't give me the full 45k service yet cause I wasn't due for it and so BMW wouldn't pay for it, so I asked them to give me what they could. They gave me... a free oil change :-/.

Now, 4 months, I had a headlight go out so I brought it in to get it fixed. Headlight cost $37.40 plus 1/2 hour labor @$126.25/hour. Total was about $100 which is guess wasn't that bad.

But, I found out I was due for a ton of other service (as I am at 45k now) and so I told them to do. New sparkplugs, brake fluid flush, and 2 airfilter replacements (intake silencer and microfilter) cost an additional $600!

The ironic thing is had I simply driven my car more earlier this year, that would have all been free.

On the plus side, I had a cracked rear brake light (on the trunk) that they replaced for free. That light should have been recalled though anyways, as it is a POS (my brother has had to have his replaced 3 times already on his 1).
When you say headlight, what light are your talking about. You have a 135 so you have the HIDs. YOu had an HID bulb go out? If they replaced that for 126$ i can understand but if your talking about an angel eye went out, you got ridiculously raped. The other services are like 250$ max somewhere other than a BMW dealer and even that is too much. All simple DIYs and the break fluid could wait if you didnt want to get dirty.
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