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Originally Posted by Clovef View Post
My wife closses her eyes when we drive canyons normally so I kind of doubt she will come. This does bring up a question I have been wondering. What sort of pace will we be driving at? I have never done a group drive before.

Also, I am going to bring my camera so if any of you guys want some pics of your car just let me know. It is a pretty nice camara so you will be able to blow the pictures up as large as you want or use them as hd wallpapers. However, I am not a great photographer so don't expect any gorgeous magazine centerfold pictures of you perfectly drifting a corner while scantaly clad women faint from your pure unadulterated grooviness. Trust me, I have already tried.
It's not a race for sure. I'm up for some spirited driving, within the speed limits, which aren't terribly high on the actual peak-to-peak highway. But I have a feeling we'll be right in the middle of alot of "caravanners" (bonus points if you watch UK Top Gear!), so we probably won't be moving terribly fast anyways.

It's going to be great to have a photographer there. Alot of great cars, and the leaves should be at their peak... And who knows, maybe their will be some scantaly clad women ready to faint.

Ok, I'll see you fellas tomorrow at 9:30 in the parking lot.