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Originally Posted by AndyM
Tools Required
T-30 Torx Driver
Right Angle Tool
Flat Blade Screwdriver

Removing the Kidney Grills

With the hood open, begin by removing the 4 T-30 Screws above the kidney grills and set them aside.

You will also want to lift the strip of insulation at the front of the hood off of it’s sleeve. You remove it by pulling up.

The Kidney Grills are held in with 6 clips. There are three along the top edge, one along the side toward the light and two along the bottom. If you are replacing the Kidney Grills, look at the new Grills: you will see the locations of the clips. To remove the kidney grills, you need to lift the two clips along the bottom of the grills. The easiest way to do this is with a right angle tool. They are available from Sears and are a handy tool to have. Sears part number: 00999802000 ($12.99). Sears carries a few different varieties.

You will want to begin by undocking the two lower clips. You will be able to see them in between the slats in the grill. You may need a flashlight to help you locate them. Once you have located them, insert the right angle tool to lift the center section of the clip and lift up. You will want to use your free hand to gently pull the grill toward you. You will want to prevent the grill from re-docking itself so once you have one side unclipped, keep enough pressure outward so it does not go back in.

With the lower clips undocked, you can begin working on the upper clips. In order to access the clips, you want to pull up on the bumper trim and if you look in from the engine compartment, you will see the three clips. Use a flat blade screwdriver or the pointed end of the pick to push the clips down.

As you did with the lower clips, gently pull the grill toward you to keep the clips from re-engaging. Once you have the 3 upper clips undocked, you can pull the grills out.

Installing the new Kidney Grills

To install the new grills, simply line them up and push them in until you hear the clips engage. Once you have both grills installed, replace the 4 T-30 Screws and tighten them down. Re-install the strip of insulation.

If you follow this DIY , please post a thank you.
I did this without taking the screws off the top of the kidney grills and with just a thin flat screw in 8min
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