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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
The problem with the electronic dipstick is it will register full with 6L or 6.5L of oil. It is not really that accurate. PLUS... I have noticed that when you only add say 6L (during an oil change) when you start up the engine and drive a short distance... it might read "full", but after you drive for say 30 to 60 minutes... it will read low. I always believe the electronic dipstick (more) when the engine is fully warmed up and hot. Say after a long drive of 60 minutes.
Also... when you do lots of short trips with the car... and the oil has lots of water/condensation in it (and unburnt gasoline!) the dipstick can read off.
I encounter same experience: only reliable oil level data when the engine is warmed up.

Also indicated in the manual:
"Checking oil level
Your car is equipped with an electronic oil-level monitor.
For precise measurement and display of the oil level, the engine must be at operating temperature, i.e. following at least 6.2 miles/10 km of uninterrupted driving. You can have the oil level displayed while you are driving, or while the vehicle is at a standstill on a level surface and the engine is running."

For anyone's convenience: below are pages 217-219 of the "BMW 128i/135i Owner's Manual 2012" (USA) (which was supplied with the 1M, together with the "BMW 1M Supplementary Owner's Manual").

For the complete manual (as well as other manuals and basic info), see the "BMW 1M Manual | Catalogue | Presskit | Pricelist" sticky (

I will post this three page manual excerpt (128i/135i) also in the "Correct 1M Fluids List" sticky.

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