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Indeed great news!!
I will be anxiously awaiting sound clips of this thing...
They seem to have concentrated on the "right qualities" to improve on the stock exhaust.
There is one lingering question though...
It has been years since my last physics class but I remember a lesson on sound/sound cancelation involving 2points and a bunch of semicircles... The jist of it was that to have cancelation there must/will be also propagation in sound waves. One's perception of this is solely dependent on their position/location. Now there seems to have been a lot of R&D in this project, using the STOCK n54 mid pipes.... What will be the difference in this noise cancelation effect on a car using an N55 mid pipe which produces a different tone and FAR less drone?
Am I wrong to assume that this muffler can/would produce MORE drone with the N55 set-up?