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Originally Posted by Zuzu View Post
ETS is my first choice, but have sent them 3 emails with no reply in regards to delivery, yet Helix have replied to my emails instantly..

Ha.. Don't think so, with me running those heavy duty H&R's..

Have discussed the stepped FMIC with Justin@Advan several times, and he is convinced after extensive research, that is the way to go for greater cooling, with a greater front facing cooling service area..
I'd be interested in the 'research'.

due to the very little size of the FMIC's available for the n54 imho they are all about the same performance wize, so in the end i really dont think it matters. but my research found the main factor we can play with is the 'shape' of the IC and end tanks, here is a link (as a sample) of the flow through the IC, scroll down to the Shape or Profile bit (about half way down). based on this i couldn't see how the 'stepped' design is going to help.