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Originally Posted by Metralha View Post
Hi there,
first impression.

Improved a lot regarding riding conform. mainly in bad roads.

I fell more suspension working. if you know what i mean.

The front axel seems to be more slipy (slip) but i just had 200km with them and i'm sure the gum from demoulding the tire is still there.

Need more 300-400km on highway to get a more real opinion.

Yup, that is what I noticed too. The suspension feels like it now moved up and down more. As IF the tires are working WITH the suspension instead of just acting like hard stones. With RFT's you can really feel the tires hang up in the air when going over bad/rough pavement. With the PS3's the tires actually ABSORB some of the pavement imperfections.

Yes, you need at least 400 km's for the tires to have some stick. At first the tires have a lot of slip & squirm to them bc they are new.

I also run with max tire pressures to have decent feedback from the tire. I always drive fast (over 150 mph) and I like that hard solid sidewall "feeling/response' from my tires.

PS: Did you have any rubbing issues? Just curious. ?