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Originally Posted by Metralha View Post
Honnestly speaking i didnt understand clearly the meaning of rubbing!!
Even tried google translator...LOL

Can you explain in other words please...sorry!!


regarding preasure they inflate with nitrogen i beleive (FR: 2.3 bar / Rear: 2.5) as indicated in the driver door stick.

Rubbing = contact

Webster's definition...
1. a : to move along the surface of a body with pressure : grate. b (1) : to fret or chafe with or as if with friction

Some members have reported a slight (small) rubbing or contact with the tire to the body of the car. I only noticed this for the first few hundred km's and did not even think to mention it in my original post. I don't think it effects many cars, since I have only seen three people talk about rubbing (contact issues) with the rear 255's tires to the inner body of the car.