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Originally Posted by cunnyngham View Post
Any experience with these? My concern is that they would fade easily and that I would mess up when putting them on. They are essentially vinyls right?
I used to use the Bimmian overlays pretty often.

They're decent for the price, but not as good as a real replacement obviously. Except for the flat black, every color I've used seems to fade to varying degrees within 6-12 months. The carbon fiber black faded to white in the spaces between the fake "weave" of the CF, and the reds (carbon and regular) I've ordered fade to orangeish. The flat black may fade as well, but I didn't use it for too long, so I didn't really get to see.

Other than that, however, they look good and fool everyone. If you position it correctly, and the color hasn't faded it looks very good. Over time only a couple of them over the years ever peeled at the edges, and those that did were from constantly running cloths over them while cleaning the car.If you're fine with replacing the stickers about once a year, then that's great. I didn't mind it for when I wanted black+red roundels, but now that I've switched my color scheme to just black and white CF, it's easier to get full roundel replacements.

EBay is also a good place to look for roundel replacements, but be warned that nobody (as far as I know) makes a decent trunk roundel for the 1 series. The E93 trunk roundel is the closest, but to attach it you have to cut off the prongs and stick it with automotive tape.

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