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My lady and I show up at one of her friend's get-together. I hear a group of guys standing outside on the 2nd floor balcony talking with each other and drinking a few beers:

Guy 1: What model Bimmer is that?

Guy 2: I think it is a 3 series.....

Guy 3: No, it's a one series BMW...

Guy 2: Oh, never heard of those, about how much do those run

Guy 3: I think about 24 or 25k.......

Guy 1: Oh really, that's not bad at all, I should look into those.

My lady just looks at me and says: "Be nice"

For the most part though, I get compliments on it all the time....more so when I changed out my tail lights to the LCI Blacklines, people really seem to dig those.