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► APEX | Stud Conversion Kits and Extended Lug Bolts/Free shipping to the U.S. 48!

APEX Wheel Hardware

Apex Stud Conversion kits

Try and find a BMW race car that hasn't converted to studs yet. They're stronger, safer, and improve pit stop times significantly. For non race cars, stud conversions make wheel install and removal much easier as you do not have to line up the holes in your wheels, spacers, and hubs before hand threading in a single lug bolt. Simply slide the wheel onto the studs, and let go. Your wheel will no longer spin around the hub, but will instead be lined up correctly.

APEX 75mm and 90mm Stud Kits with silver or black lug nuts

Extended length studs like these allow for a range of spacers to be used without any additional modification. You can easily use 3, 5, 10, 12mm with a 75mm kit or larger 15, 18, 20mm with the 90mm kit, or no spacer at all. When using lug bolts with spacers you are forced to purchase a different length lug for each width spacer. By remaining installed, the studs put less ware on the threads of your hubs. They guarantee there is enough thread engagement, as you can see how many threads were engaged during install. Wheel studs replace your OEM lug bolts by simply threading into your cars hub. Once installed they do not need to be removed when changing or removing wheels. Only the lug bolts are removed similar to many domestic vehicles.

APEX 75mm and 90mm Stud Kits with silver or black lug nuts

  • APEX Wheel studs are 10.9 grade steel, and produced in Europe by a TUV approved OEM supplier
  • 75mm length allows for the use of spacers up to 12mm in thickness, or no spacer at all, without making any changes
  • 90mm length is recommended for spacers 15mm and larger
  • The studs have a bulletnose tip that makes lug nut install and removal easy, and prevents cross threading
  • The 75mm head has an integrated 5.5mm hex to make initial installation a breeze
  • The hardened studs are black zinc plated, while the nuts are available in both black and silver zinc plating
  • Studs and nuts are 12x1.5 thread with a 60 degree taper identical to OEM BMW hardware
  • These work on all 1, 3, Z series models, and every other BMW with a M12x1.5 lug. X5/X6, and newer 7 series use different sized hardware and cannot used this conversion

Available Sizes and Pricing:
Available Lug Nut Finishes
  • Black - +$10.00
  • Silver

Installation Kit Now Available! (Includes Red Threadlocker and 5.5mm Wrench)

Apex Extended Lug Bolts

Available in standard OEM length, and extended length version for use with 5, 12, 15, and 20mm spacers. APEX lug bolts can be purchased with either a silver or black zinc coating.

BMW extended lug bolts sold individually

Extended lugs are a must when using spacers, as the standard length lugs are not long enough to thread into the hub properly. If you want new lugs to go with your new wheels and spacers are not needed, then simply select "standard" length from the drop down menu above. If you are using spacers, then select the corresponding length extended lug bolts.

Lug Bolt Specifications:
  • M12x1.5
  • 17mm Hex head
  • 60 degree taper
  • 10.9 Grade
  • Black or Silver zinc finish
  • Made in Europe

Available Sizes and Pricing:
Available Lug Bolt Finishes
Black - +$0.50

Ordering and Contact
  • Phone: Call (888) 499-9135 EXT. #1 for phone orders.
  • Payment: Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal. Bank Wire Transfers are also available. Contact us to use a wire transfer for payment on your order.
  • Tax: California customers will be charged 8.75% CA sales tax.
  • Shipping: Free shipping only to domestic orders within the lower 48 states. Stud Kits will get free shipping. A full order of Extended Lug bolts with a quantity of 20x will also get free shipping.
  • APEX Hours:
    Monday thru Friday: 9AM to 6PM PST
    Saturday and Sunday: Closed
  • Warehouse and local pickup: The APEX warehouse is at 7888 Marathon Drive, Unit A, Livermore, CA, 94550 (Map It), (888) 499-9135 EXT. #2. This is where you pick up local orders.
  • Service and Installation: Apex Performance Services - Dublin: 6443 Golden Gate Drive, Dublin, CA 94568 (Map It), (888) 499-9135 EXT. #3