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Never any negative comments have come from my coworkers, but when I brought it to work on Monday:

J: That's a really nice car, what kind of BMW is that?
Me: A 135i coupe. Not many of them are around.
J: Yea, it's really tiny and it looks like it sits on the ground. (He drives a truck, but likes all cars.)

Mustang driver in my parking lot in the same office but not the same company, he has the one of 4.6 V8s... he constantly revved his engine at my old car which was a Mazda RX-8. I invited him to an SCCA autocross event once, which he got slaughtered at.
Him: So you're still buying gutless cars?
Me: Sure.
Him: Do you want to race me?
Me: I like my low insurance payments.

I expected hate from him though, as he's a Mustang driver through and through. He was the one who convinced me to test drive a 2013 Ford Mustang GT, which I was unable to pull the trigger on because I absolutely hated how the thing handled.