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Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
I can appreciate the need for proof. Hense why I haven't bought any intakes or tunes.

With Disa there are 325/8 dynos that show 10hp gain and tq gain.
For 128i, there are no such dynos. Nor do I have baseline stats for Tourge software. I do have a dyno(128i + no secondary cat 3" exhaust) as a base.

I plan to do a dyno again, just need to know when the next cheap day is.

As far as my tune path, I dont aim for a number, just going after parts that enhance in way that should have been from factory. ( m3 suspension bits, 135i brakes and 130i power levels)

Where did you get your DISA, realoem? Would you recommend it over AFE, particularly the Stage 2 Si.
Link: http://www.**********
Also, ECS has a "Euro Air Box" for the e90, could anyone chime in on this product?

I'm looking for a good air-box, but it doesn't seem like a whole lot of 1er's go through with it, just the e90 guys. Any particular reason I'm overlooking aside from the 1 series having a smaller audience? I know the engine is a peach but I agree with andrey_gta's response. 250-265hp please with an N/A snarl and I'm set (Btw I plan on getting an AA tune as soon as the intake is on, performance exhaust will be on by next week! Hopefully that rounds out to over 250hp crank.. I am a realist).