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This past winter/spring I ordered an ER wide-body front-end kit, but after 4 months and numerous missed "promise dates" I gave up hope and pulled the plug. Prior to that I had contacted my local BMW dealership to try to do this 1M conversion (a year ago this time), but they said they couldn't get the parts unless I had a 1M VIN. After the ER WB FE kit fell through I pretty much gave up hope on this happening until this past September I contacted them for a quote on the BMW Performance (V2) Power Kit to "treat myself" (b-day present) and for some unknown reason I decided to ask one more time whether he could get these 1M parts and now he said he could so I said I'm IN!

Cool that your 1 has the ER WB kit -- full props! What sized wheels and tires do you run front & rear on your 1? Do the lines of the car look good ("flow") or is it like looking at double-D's with a 24" waist?

I was afraid that was going to be the case with that company in UK (only selling full kits and not just the fender flares). But who knows? Maybe by the time I'm ready to do this (if ever) then they might consider selling just the flares? Or maybe by then someone else will figure out there is a market for just the 1M-like flares to work with the stock 135 rear bumper and I'd rock them.

But I think if I ever did that would be the last mod I'd consider; long after LSD, CAI, oil cooler, boost gauges, tune and a few other things I know I am forgetting right now.

Thanks for insight tho...