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Originally Posted by JimD
Running on a dyno to demonstrate a change is pricey so I understand why it is rare. Running the "torque" program on a smartphone to get a before and after 0-60 run seems like it would be much cheaper/easier and would still be a way to get some idea of the improvement. I think torque also will tell you what it thinks the hp is.

The thread on the main section with a title like "flat dash" has me thinking. A tablet running on the Android software with a GPS and bluetooth can be had for a little over $200 (like the Samsung Galaxy 7 inch). The bluetooth sender for the OPDII port can be pricey but are also available for $20-30. The software is either free or $5 depending on the version. A mount for the tablet is maybe $50. So for about $300, possibly less, you could have torque running and giving you a bunch more information on your car. Additional gauges, 0-60 time, navigation software if you want to use it for that (although my price is a wi-fi which will not work with most droid navigation software). I'm not sure I like the idea of a tablet on the dash, however. It would be functional but I can't figure a way it would look OK.


You're not going to be able to determine HP from torque. My 1M has 100 lb-ft more torque than an M3 yet it has less horsepower.