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Originally Posted by drew135i View Post
Charles, what did you end up getting?

I plan on getting 18x8.5 ET45 for the front, but conflicted between 18x9.5 ET45 vs ET 50 for the rear. The wheels I am getting are also VMR710. I was told if getting the ET45 for the rear, to match it with 245 tires, and if getting ET50, to match it with 255 tires. My question is, I plan on keeping the suspension stock (sport package) but would like to minimize the wheel gap. Which setup would be more ideal? Other suggestions? Thanks.
I know the agony you are going through .. I went through a similar thing about a month ago. What wheels to get .. lamented on it for quite a while.

I'm running VMR701s 18x8.5/45 and 18x9.5/50 with a PSS 225/255 setup. At stock height I got no rubbing at all. I just installed a Dinan Stage I suspension which dropped the car maybe 3/4". I'm now rubbing on 3 corners when I hit dips at speed. I have an alignment scheduled in a few days, so we'll see if that takes care of any of the rubbing. If not, then I'll do a roll. The rubbing isn't that bad, but I'm going to get it perfect.

A few things to consider -

Michelin PSS run wider and shoulders are squarer than other brands, so they will rub where other tires won't. On the other hand, the beefiness lends to the appearance of filling the fender well. As far as street tires go, they are the best you can buy. Bridgestone S04s will give a little more room, and are also outstanding street tires. These were my very close second choice.

As far as offsets go, I would not get ET45s for the rear. ET50s sit pretty much flush, and that 5mm makes a huge difference getting the tire to tuck in under the fender like it should when you hit a bump. ET45s will extend out another 5mm, so a little outside of flush. Running 245s on a 9.5" wide rim would not be ideal at all .. for looks or handling. Also note that 245s are about 1/4" shorter than 255s, as well as the 225 fronts. If you're going to go with 245s for the rear, I'd stick to 215s on the front.

Here's some pictures I just took of my setup (crappy ugly day today so the pictures aren't the best) -

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