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Quite puzzling that some at PH keep arguing that the 1M is the poor man's M3:
"To be honest, to me it doesn't matter how fast it is, how much power it has, it's still a 1 series. It just screams «I wish I had an M3 but cannot afford one».
All these powerful German cars have the same boring styling too, huge wheel arches, massive wheels, lots of vents and holes. If these cars were people, they would be bodybuilders. Idiots. Vest wearing meat heads. Not sexy.
Not for me I'm afraid, I'd much rather buy Italian or British than German unless it's a Mercedes SL possibly. For that money I'd buy a second hand Maserati. This to me seems to be a modern-day German Nissan Pulsar! Not cool. Unless your weekends involve hanging around in Tesco's carpark."
To me, the E9X M3 and/or finance was no part of the equation for getting the 1M. If BMW had not released the 1M, I would have still been driving my E46 M3 SMGII as we speak. The E9X M3 never appealed to me, despite all of its qualities; but to be fair, that's merely a subjective thing: some things you like, some things you don't. De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum.

However, when BMW let the 1M cat outta the bag, I was immediately sold on the concept and package. It was the next big thing around the corner I had hoped for. A rush of blood through the ///M Division veins. For me, it was no process of gradually starting to like the 1M (the process of an idea growing on you) - no, it was an instant connection (something I never experienced with the E9X M3 concept): "1M ? Wann'em !". No regrets.
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