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My reflection on 87 Octane (vs. 93)

So my brother thought he was being nice by putting gas in my car, but little did he know that I fill it up with 93... Anyway, I noticed some things here, and was just wondering if others in this situation noticed the same. This is regarding my N54 engine, although I assume the same experience would occur with the N55, could be wrong.

First, I am getting much better mileage! I'm just below a half a tank, with the amount of driving i've done, I should be below a quarter tank! This, apparently is the upside, in my personal experience.

However, performance is compromised, as expected. The torque is just plain slower, and I notice much more lag. It is easily noticeable, since I drive always with 93 in the tank.

IMO having the 93 is a must. If there are people out there not running 93 then you're not realizing the most potential of the car.