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Originally Posted by Bmwbreed View Post
You are getting better mileage because the engine has retarded the timing to compensate for the lower octane. If u really want good gas try sometime mixing a gallon of e85 with regular 87 octane. I used to do this n my turbo a4 and the difference in performance from 91 or 93 was amazing. You have to be careful though because too much e85 will 1 harm your fuel components or 2 make the octane to high and the car will go in limp mode. Basically I would run my tank below a quarter left. Throw n 1 gallon on e85 and then fill up the rest with 87. E85s octane is an average of 106 so when mixed with regular it makes it about 96 or 97 which is like what they have in Europe and Japan and partly why their cars perform better.
^Thanks for the info!

Originally Posted by germ View Post
Agreed. Lots of misinformation. There is no difference in energy content between different octane grades, so I don't believe there will be differences in mileage.
^It's not misinformation. I'm not telling you that you'll get better mileage. I'm simply telling you that this is what I experienced. I've been pushing the engine harder, to try to get rid of this gasoline, lol, and it won't disappear like it usually does.