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Originally Posted by coder View Post
Whats the subjective difference really as far as confidence on snow/ice between a 7.9 and a 9.0 survey rating ( alpin pa3 vs blizzak ws70 )
Is it basically no difference or a whole different game?
Two different types of winter tires. The Alpin PA3 is a performance winter tire, the Blizzak is a true snow/ice winter tire.

The Alpin will last longer, and probably give a quieter ride. The Blizzak will be better in extreme winter conditions. If you live where it snows a lot, or you are going into the mountains a lot, I would go with the Blizzaks. If you only really need the winter tire for occasional winter conditions, the Alpin may be your better choice.

Not sure if both of those come in RFT form?
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