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Originally Posted by Stohlen View Post
That info's not 100% correct tho. Retarding the timing across the board makes the engine less efficient. The same amount of fuel is injected, it is just burned at a different, less efficient time. Equaling worse gas mileage.
I was mostly referring to the suggestion of adding a gallon of E85 into the tank. Although, I've found that there's no conveniently located gas stations near me that offer it, so I probably won't be using E85 anytime soon.

In regards to whether or not better fuel consumption is realized with lower octane, it seems like there's too many variables to fully come to a conclusion. It just seems that from my experience with it, I've made a conscious effort to consume more of this 87 octane, yet I still notice an obvious difference in how much gas I have left. In any case, I'm just surprised that there's no research that's been conducted to come to a conclusion on this (if there is, excuse me, b/c I haven't came across it yet.)