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Originally Posted by M130ISWP View Post
Had the car at another tuning place today. They found the fault thats causing the flat spot. Its the accelerator pedal module.

Its loosing voltage from 5 volts down to 2 volts during the acceleration between 3500rpm and 4300rpm.

Pic of pedal module on Realoem

Finally the flat spot has been resolved, after months of being at a few places to find the fault.

Thanks for your help guys, for what you suggested I should try
That is an interesting turn of events. I am interested on the outcome. Btw... how much is a new gas pedal module? I assume no faults were ever stored. One would have to check the gas pedal voltage manually or thru a scan tool, as you moved the throttle thru its range. I have seen TPS (throttle position sensors go bad and never throw a code, I assume the gas pedal is the same thing).