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Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
I have been told that, if you have the right offset wheel, you could even go 18x10 and get a 285 in there, but then wheel diameter differences start to get a little screwy.
it's worth noting that in terms of outer rolling diameter, 285/30-18 is a far better choice than 275/35-18, actually. 275 is about as "screwy" as diameters get, since it should be a 275/30-18, but that's a nonexistent size. you don't get into the correct 30% aspect ratio until 285 and wider. that's not to say that 285/30-18 will be a breeze to fit width-wise... just thought i'd note that 275/35/18 is about as far off as i've seen anyone use with respect to diameter. way too tall in my opinion, especially for a car that already has very tall gearing.