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Originally Posted by fourtailpipes View Post
it's worth noting that in terms of outer rolling diameter, 285/30-18 is a far better choice than 275/35-18, actually. 275 is about as "screwy" as diameters get, since it should be a 275/30-18, but that's a nonexistent size. you don't get into the correct 30% aspect ratio until 285 and wider. that's not to say that 285/30-18 will be a breeze to fit width-wise... just thought i'd note that 275/35/18 is about as far off as i've seen anyone use with respect to diameter. way too tall in my opinion, especially for a car that already has very tall gearing.
It depends what your motivation is. I know some people who will use a taller tire all around to "fill the gaps" in the fenders. The 275/35 does a pretty decent job of that, but in turn, increases your rolling diameter, which is actually harder for the car to turn than a smaller diameter of the same weight. A taller sidewall, all things else equal, will give a cushier ride, but sacrifice a bit of turn in sharpness.

Originally Posted by fourtailpipes View Post
if you're sticking to your VMR wheels at 18x9.5 et45 in the back, even 255 is goint to be a tight fit and will likely rub (depending on all kinds of factors). 265 would be a disaster. you're basically looking at 245/35-18 or 255/35-18 in the back unless you want new wheels.
Pretty much this. If you wont even consider taking an eastwood roller (or baseball bat) to your fenders, the 245 will be your only option. Considering the OEM tire is of the same width, you have gained yourself essentially nothing in tire width, aside from a stretched tire

The only VMR i would consider is the 701 with 19x9.5 ET50 in the rear, and thats still barely a 255 tire for proper fitment.