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Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
It depends what your motivation is. I know some people who will use a taller tire all around to "fill the gaps" in the fenders.
that's just silly. taller tires lengthen effective gear ratios, like a final drive adjustment. this car has very long gearing to begin with, which really doesn't need to be even further lengthened.

for example, the 275/35-18 pilot super sport has an outer diameter of 25.6". the oem size (245/35-18) of the same tire has an outer diameter of 24.8". this is an increase in rollout of 3.2%. in a stock car with 300 ft-lb of torque, that's an effective reduction of 9.68 ft-lb of torque applied to the road across the curve in every gear! in other areas of the forum you'll find people spending thousands on fancy little carbon fiber bits and bobs that add less torque than that.

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