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Originally Posted by Berardi3 View Post
Does anyone feel concerned about not having a spare tire and jack I think I'm too old school . I'm thinking of not getting a bimmer for that reason. How does anyone feel about that ?
I shared (and still do) your concerns. I wasn't aware that the car came with run flats/no spare until I was half way through the sales negotiation process. It gave me pause but wasn't enough to make me not want a 135i. There are two things I don't like about run flats - the ride suffers noticeably and if you get a puncture you have to take it in right away. With a full size spare you can ride around for a while and more conveniently schedule your flat tire repair. But again, I wanted this car, not something else with regular tires and a spare, so it was just something I swallowed to get the ride I wanted. I've thought of changing out the tires and putting a spare in the trunk, but the loss of trunk space would not work for me, at least not right now. My car has to be a part time baby carrier and I need the trunk for the stroller. Maybe later when the kids are older and my tires are worn out and due for changing. Putting $1,000 or so into new rubber when I've got new tires on the car is not something I'm willing to swallow.
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