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If you have run-flats, GET RID OF THEM!

So...I feel like doing a Public Service Announcement for 1 series owners with run-flats. I recently re-soled my shoes and went with a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports, where do I start?

First of all, the increase in comfort is instantly noticeable. Yes, comfort. Normally I could give two shits about it...but my suspension is 48% stiffer than stock and I live in NYC, it matters. The instant I got in after installation and drove 10 miles, I was thrilled at the difference. The car doesn't "Bounce" anymore, it doesn't follow grooves, it doesn't rattle my fillings with every small pothole. It's stable, predictable and smooth as silk.

The Michelin's are noticeably quieter, more comfortable (Did I mention that?), and GRIPPY as hell. 1st gear used to be almost worthless in my car unless I really focused and had a good road surface. Now I can actually hook up almost anywhere - even in 46 degree weather (The temperature yesterday). I had no problem launching it and it instantly gave me an ear to ear grin.

For those saying, "Yeah, but the Super Sports are expensive". Have you looked at prices for replacement OEM Bridgestone run-flats? They're more. For NO reason. I'm telling you, had I known they would be this good and this different, I would have gone this way before my OEM wore out.

NOTE: The initial turn in is different...they fade just a touch, but then instantly grip and don't let go (This might also be because they're new). I have a track day at Lime Rock next Friday, so I'll get to feel the subtleties of the tire more and how they perform under duress.

I'm not posting this for any other reason than to help my fellow 1 series owners get more pleasure out of their cars by getting rid of those terrible run-flat tires...seriously, even if you don't want to spend the money on Michelin's, get Continental DW's or Toyo's, or ANYTHING else and I bet you they will be better than the run-flats, and you will get more driving pleasure out of it.

Lastly - worried about getting a puncture? Eh, don't be. Get a comfort kit or AAA or Roadside Assistance (Which I'm sure many of you have). These days, unless you live in the sticks and/or are rallying the car - you won't get stranded.

My two cents.

Ps. Thanks to Jared at Tire Rack...
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