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I am referring to one of my previous laps, where I ran a full 3 sec faster than you (2:15). This was done without a tune, with stock seats and stock suspension. My car has CONSIDERABLE body roll in the corners, so I lose a lot of time compared to your much stiffer coil over setup.

You mention running AD08 "street tires", but in all honesty the coefficient of grip for those extreme performance tires are pretty darn close to NT-01s (and probably more bc I'm running a 235/40 18 square setup vs I'm guessing a 225-45/255-65 staggered setup). The difference would only be noticeable after several laps, when the AD08s would get greasy. I ran Kuhmos before these NT-01s and ran 2:17s, no problem...

Also, armyav8tor is spot on with his GPS comment. That lap it is pretty evident that I was not running an external GPS, so its really not possible to compare the speeds (look at how they skip around mid-corner). You have to make sure the compression settings/GPS settings are the same, otherwise speeds can be "estimated" instead of real...

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I'm running an external GPS too. Bstig you have more grip than I do with the rcomps vs my street tires. You also have the added benefit of the seats/harnesses and more power. Not trying to slam you or anything here...was just trying to make a comparison and find out where I can improve around the track Your time is impressive and where I'm trying to get to. Seems the biggest diffference between us is from the top of the esses where you pull away by like 4 seconds on the way to oak tree, then pull away on the front straight again.

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