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m3 rear bar myth: let`s finish this!!

When I read through the forums most comments say: only get the m3 rear bar when you`re planning to get a lsd.

BUT, why does ac-schnitzer offer ONLY a rear bar for their suspension?
Maybe you know the engineer of acs, Manfred Wollgarten.
He developed the suspension setup for the 135i on the norschleife.
He`s called suspension guru. And he is def not saying to get a lsd!

So what is this myth about? Where is it coming from?

I have the ac schnitzer type 8 wheels with 225s all around and I am planning on getting the acs suspension and the e92 rear bar.

but I`m kind of afraid to lost all traction!

Another myth was that you have no traction with 225s all around, but mr. wollgarten was right and I absolutely love this setup!

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