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Originally Posted by Focusedintntions View Post
Nope i'm running a 235/sq setup. And the kw v2's have just as much body roll as I did when i was stock b/c of the progressive springs. The gps isn't the most accruate thing in the phone, but it still gives a pretty good idea of what you're doing where. Again just trying to see what I can do different and where
Sure, but lets not pretend that your coilovers don't give you a huge advantage haha.

As for improving your time, here are some friendly tips:

Fastest through every corner isn't always the goal. Remember, it depends on the turn of the track. A lot of these, you will "throw away" or apex a little later (with less speed) so you can get on the gas sooner. The most important places are the turns before long straights...

Two places where you can improve your time are turns 10 and 14. Turn 10 you are going about 10mph slower through there than I usually do. You can easily do 90 through there no prob, just make sure you dont apex too early bc then you'll be headed off track and down the hill on exit. DO NOT LIFT.

On the end of the back straight, you are wasting a lot of time in the braking zone. You are braking too early, and are coasting through a good portion. Practice pushing your braking zone later and later with each lap. You should eventually be able to do all of your braking starting at the 1 marker (or even at the arrow), vs at the 3 marker. The track is at an incline in this braking zone, so the compression gives you tooooons of grip.