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What's the myth?
That you only need a rear sway if you also need an LSD?

Originally Posted by AnooooOH View Post
BUT, why does ac-schnitzer offer ONLY a rear bar for their suspension?
I don't know. Why?

Maybe you know the engineer of acs, Manfred Wollgarten.
He developed the suspension setup for the 135i on the norschleife.
He`s called suspension guru. And he is def not saying to get a lsd!
Ok. So much about the guy.
What is he saying about the rear sway bar?

I have the ac schnitzer type 8 wheels with 225s all around and I am planning on getting the acs suspension and the e92 rear bar.

Another myth was that you have no traction with 225s all around, but mr. wollgarten was right and I absolutely love this setup!
He was right about what?

I don't think anybody would say you have "no traction" with 225s. But I think this is a rare case where more is actually better. I used to run 235 square and am now running 255 square and certainly like it better (for autocross & track).

A square setup really helps on our car though. So even 225 square is better than 225f/255r for example.

Regarding the rear sway:
As with all things, I don't think there's a black & white answer. The sway bar is one way to affect spring rates & dampening. You can do similar things with, well, springs and dampers. So whether you "need" a rear sway or not, depends on the rest of your suspension and how you use th car.

Personally, I run the stock rear sway and an upgraded front sway bar. And I do have an LSD. Especially for tighter turns, I think some rear compliance is important and helps traction and turn-in.

Originally Posted by AnooooOH View Post
I was at my bmw dealer and they would charge me 2 hours labour for the installation of the rear bar and the bushings.
I find that very hard to believe. Please double check with them whether they meant all 4 rear bushings or just the 2 at the back of the sub-frame.
Changing the 2 bushings at the rear of the sub-frame can be done in <2 hours. Changing all 4 is nearly impossible in that time. Unless the dealer really likes you and you're getting some special buddy-discount, I doubt he quoted you the right thing.