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Originally Posted by int2str View Post
What's the myth?
He says that the rear bar is an absolute must have when you install their suspension and their wheel/tire setup with 225s all around.

I don`t know why they are only offering the rear bar.
But they are doing their job for 25 years now!
and they are no no name brand.

Last point...
I just asked them to do the 2 bushings!

Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
On a road course with a decent suspension and properly driven the 1 series will be fastest with the stock rear bar or no bar at all, period. 3 series will behave the same way. The only time I can see the car being faster with a larger rear bar is when really soft spring rates, LSD, wider wheel and tires or the combination of the three.
The 1m has the same rear bar as the e92m3 right?
why should they do this, if you are slower?

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