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Lightbulb Plasti-Dip Shadow Stripes

I was inspired by a certain "DIY plastidip creation", by a certain amg135...

I've always liked the muted and subtle aggression of properly done shadow stripes, especially matte black on black paint. I promised myself I wouldn't upload these until I got some better pictures, but I'm impatient, so I'll just add better pictures later. The hood stripes were inspired by the Kelleners 1M Coupe, although I didn't do the side skirt stripes and I extended the lines down to the bumper... Just so happened to fit perfectly along the lines and vents of the Seibon hood.

For now, enjoy the iPhone pictures. I'll take some better pics with a clean car and my wife's Nikon later on.

After being taped off:

Rear fender stripe:

Hood Stripes (these were a f-cking pain to finish):

I didn't grab any pictures of the stripes on the roof. They followed the rainwater grooves, pretty simple. Pointless, even. I should have probably skipped them.

Most of the expenses involved went to the painters tape; This is a really cheap way to put personal touch on your car.

Hardest part was removing the tape after I was done; I sprayed 4 layers with about 7 minutes of drying time between each later, so the tape really wanted to peel the entire stripes away. I had to become a surgeon with a razor blade to prevent scratching the clearcoat. Nerve-wracking and tedious work for sure. The skinny double stripe on the hood was the worst.

Word of wisdom: The minor overspray from the plastidip likes to collect on your windows/uncovered areas of your car. It rubs off fairly easily with your finger, but still VERY annoying to clean. You might consider covering everything that you can, or working when there is no wind at all.

This will save your fingers and give you some much needed precision accuracy for like $3 at wal-mart:

Tell me what you guys think!

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