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Originally Posted by Stohlen
Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
easier to spin
Ah... so this is the real issue. Its not that the rear bar makes the car slower, its that it makes it more likely for the driver to spin, and thus he as a precaution lets off the throttle more and takes a more conservative line. Which of course takes longer.

What it comes down to is that the rear bar is sufficient for the stock setup and any average driver won't have the skills to push the car when a larger bar is added. I'm sure race car drivers would love the lack of roll, and would be more likely to eliminate the tailhappiness that is added.

I know alot of people on here complain about understeer, and i would think a larger rear bar would help make their car more balanced. I know I haven't had that experience tho, as my car is slightly tailhappy as is, even with a 265 tire.
Thicker rear INCREASES tail happiness (oversteer).. This doesn't mean that understeer is reduced, however..
Front sway CAN increase understeer, but in the 1ers case it actually makes it a bit easier to corner, makes the front more responsive.