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Trying to make an event this weekend so I stopped by the shop and helped get my 135M buttoned up. There were a couple snags.

Apparently the windshield washer plastic reservoir in the front right fender is shaped differently for a 1M vs. our stock piece. There was not sufficient clearance to secure the right M side marker. So we used a heat gun to reshape the stock reservoir until I can get the 1M version of the reservoir and get that installed.

The 135 stock plastic underbelly panel that connects the 1M bumper splitter/chin to the plastic engine "skid plate" (plastic panel that has the "door" to remove to gain access to the oil pan drain plug) is different. I need to find that part number and order that part. Does anybody know (can provide a URL) of a 1M parts "explosion" diagram online that I can look at?

The M side markers on the fenders don't light up for some reason. The harness plugged right in, so I don't know why they won't light up unless the bulb/LEDs whatever is in there are burned out??? I am by no stretch of the imagination electrically inclined, so any insight on what to check would be *greatly* appreciated! It is not a show-stopper, but I went through a TON of hassle to get those brackets I needed to secure them so having them work would be nice.

The only other installation hassle was installing the side skirts, but that is only because I was not doing the 1M rear conversion at this time and to get a viable working solution now, he had to use my stock side skirts, cut and graft on (plastic work) the wider front section of the 1M side skirt and combine them into one piece for each side. He said it wasn't easy (time consuming), but still *much* cheaper then to tackle the rear quarters. They look good IMO. He said that he was not looking forward to ever having to do that again, so fingers crossed mine never get damaged or I will have to tackle the rear quarters and re-order stock 1M side skirts.

No updated pictures yet because the new pieces need to be buffed out next week after I get back from Summit Point. Which at that point the car will need good detailing inside and out. After that and after it gets buffed and I can steal a nice Fall day THEN I will take it out for proper pics and post them.