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Originally Posted by Zeros and ones View Post
Unless that M-badge is on the car.... it is not a knock off.

plus my car when ordered from factory has M door sills. Am I a 1m Knock off?
or maybe a 135i knock off cause it looks exactly like a 135i.

Or maybe all the e39 guys that do the M-tech II upgrade that make there cars look like an M5. Are they knock offs too? Or even when BMW produced the e39 with, from factory, the M-Tech II upgrade.

Unless that badge is on the car, nobodies it trying to pose as anything. There is nothing wrong with trying to get your car look more aggressive.

And last time i checked.. imitation is a form of flattery.

No, it's not a knock off if it comes from the factory that way. If some company is hacking together a front end, then yes, I think that would be the definition of a knock off. As far as the M badge on the back goes you know as well as I do plenty of people will buy the front end and an M badge for the back.