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Originally Posted by mrow View Post
What's wrong with wanting to keep the car exclusive? If people wanted a 1M they should have bought one, not turn their car into a fake one.
I think that you don't want your toes stepped on. Fair enough. If I was on the other side of that fence I wouldn't like people encroaching, either. The way I view the front bumper is like any other mod. If it looks cool, go for it. If someone buys a knockoff Kerscher lip, they aren't trying to be "Kerscher." They probably just like the way it looks and makes the car more aggressive. I think this is similar. Also kind of like a BMW Performance front bumper. Doesn't suit my taste but if it looks cool to you, mod away. Just don't think that when these come out there's going to be tons of 1M fakes roaming the streets. The same product has been around for the 3 series and I haven't seen one of them on the road and I'm in Dallas.