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► APEX | ARC-8 Light Weight Track Wheels

APEX ARC-8 Wheels

We are proud to continue offering our timeless ARC-8 wheel. This new wheel addresses the concerns of more and more racers and track day enthusiasts: long term durability, fitment, and performance. With the increase of faster and heavier cars being used in racing, HPDEs, and spirited driving, the ARC-8 was designed and engineered to handle extreme abuse on track and street, offer a wide range of direct fitments, while still producing a lightweight wheel.

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The Good Stuff

1. They Fit Everything
The ARC-8's wide range of widths, diameters, offsets and face profiles result in 26 unique BMW fitments ranging from 8.5" to 10.5" wide. Each wheel combines these features to meet the different brake caliper, strut, and fender clearance needs of each BMW model.

2. Factory Support
Like all our APEX wheels, The ARC-8 supports all OEM hardware like OEM Roundel center caps, wheel lugs, valve stems, and TPMS sensors. No centering rings are needed either, as all of our 5x120 BMW wheels use a 72.56mm center bore.

3. Brake Clearance
ARC-8 wheels properly clear all OEM brake calipers. Our wheels are targeted at the serious performance-minded owner. The spokes of the flatter faced ARC-8 were designed to clear big brake kits, making it a better choice for BBK equipped cars. The concave version of the wheel is the best option for cars with factory brake calipers.

4. Concavity
The ARC-8 wheel is available in two unique face profiles. The shallower face provides increased caliper clearance on narrow applications, while the deeper concave face reduces weight and creates a stunningly aggressive appearance on low offset and wide width applications. These two face profiles are available in all 17", 18" and 19" diameters.

Designed for the Performance Enthusiast

Flow-forming allows for a significant reduction in rotational mass by reducing barrel weight. This manufacturing technique allows our wheels to be almost as light as a traditional forged wheel, but without the significant increase in price.

Track duty requires a wheel that can handle the punishment of high lateral G’s, hitting berms, and every once in a while, a small off track excursion. Spoke and barrel design are a major factor in wheel strength. The flow-forming technique uses high pressure disks/rollers to roll the wheel’s barrel into its final shape. This gives the barrel the same strength properties as a forged wheel, since monoblock wheels go through a similar step to form their barrels. We design our spoke dimensions to help evenly distribute loads from the barrel to the center of the wheel. The lack of a front lip, and spokes directly connecting to the edge of the wheel, also add increased strength to the outer lip of the wheel.

Chassis-Specific Fitments
Stretched rubber, narrow tires, and fender rubbing are not elements to look for in a competitive wheel/tire setup. All of our wheels were designed with offsets that allow for proper fitment of extreme summer, and r-compound tires without the need for spacers or fender rolling. This means keeping the tire under the fender, and away from suspension components. Track oriented wheel widths are also important as they provide proper sidewall support under hard cornering. Too much rubber for a wheel results in excessive sidewall deflection, which translates into sloppy and delayed turning response.

Multiple Fitment Options
Most BMWs come with a staggered setup from the factory. Some choose to keep their car this way, while others like to switch out for an easy-to-rotate, square/neutral setup. This is generally based on driver’s preference and consideration of tire costs. Most BMW chassis benefit from being able to fit both square and staggered setups with relative ease. 9.5” or 10”-wide square setups are great for budget minded enthusiasts who want to extend their tires life by rotating between events, in addition to preferring the feel of a square setup. Square setups are popular on all models for track use due to the significant increase in front grip and turn-in response. Some owners comment that due to the extra power of their cars, a square setup will lean towards oversteer. For those who prefer more rubber in the rear, a staggered setup is the way to go. Wheels up to 10.5" wide are available for rear fitment. These can be combined with 9” or 9.5” fronts for a bolt-on spacer-free staggered setup.

Open-Hub Center
Race wheels can't just be light, they need to function in a high performance environment. Unlike the narrow lug recesses of most other wheels, the ARC-8 wheel boasts a completely wide-open design that easily fits over-sized race lugs and beefy impact sockets. This allows for quick and easy wheel changes at the track, and as a bonus prevents chips and scratches from tools for those just running these wheels on the street.

The APEX Standard

1. FEA Optimization
Various design features were implemented to ensure that the ARC-8 wheel design was as light and durable as possible. We began with a strong one-piece design featuring an open hub center and reliefs in the mounting pad to remove weight between lug holes. The design was then run through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to further optimize the spoke and barrel design. The result is a light weight wheel with extra strength in all the right places, while keeping weight to a minimum.

2. Always Flow Formed
All APEX wheels feature Flow-Formed construction tha utilizes rotary forging to produce a strong and lightweight barrel. The ARC-8 is no exception.

3. True JWL & VIA Certification
Strength needs to be certified. Our wheels were not simply FEA tested in a computer simulation, or in-house tested to an unregulated standard. We conduct real-world crush-testing and all of our wheels conform to Japan’s JWL standard, as well as being 3rd-party tested by the VIA. All of our wheels carry a 690KG load rating.

Available Finishes

Note: Not all sizes are available in all finishes.

Face Profiles

Sizes, Weights, and Pricing

17" Sizes
18" Sizes
19" Sizes

Questions about tires, fenders, brakes, spacers, or suspension clearances?
Click here to get a personalized fitment recommendation from one of our experts.

On-Car Photos

Shown above: E46 M3 with 18x9.5 ET35 and 18x10.5 ET27 with 245/40/18 and 275/35/18 tires.

Shown above: E90 M3 with 17x10 ET25 with 275/40/17 tires all around.

Shown above: E92 M3 with 18x10.5 ET27 with 285/30/18 tires all around.

Check out our extensive collection of photos on our Flickr page. See more ARC-8 photos >>>

Tire Mounting and Balancing Service

Popular street and track tires are now available when you order APEX wheels. Add tires with your wheel order and get free tire mounting and balancing by our trusted enthusiast technicians. We use high-end, touchless equipment and inspect every wheel and tire combo thoroughly before they leave our warehouse. With our competitive tire pricing bundled with the savings of free mounting and balancing and convenience, it’s the ultimate wheel & tire package.

*Note: Tires will only ship mounted to the wheels in your order, and can not be sold separately. Tires and wheels must be purchased in the same transaction. Tire-only orders will be cancelled and refunded.

Available Tire Brands:

Ordering and Contact Information
  • Hours: Monday - Friday, 9AM to 6PM PST
  • Shipping: All orders are shipped directly from us via UPS. Local pickup also available at our Livermore, CA Warehouse. (Map It)

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