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List of BBK's available for 1ers?

It seems that it's an extremely limited selection so far

At the moment i've found

Brembo 6pot 355mm - $3600
Stoptech 6pot 355mm - $3200
AP racing 6Pot 355mm - $3100

they're pretty much all the ['big name' brands and realistically, they're all pretty much identically priced

then there's the general taiwanese brands (ksport/xyz) at about $2k for the same setup

then Nashin (supposedly better than ksport etc.) for $1800ish but you get no choice in rotor or pad...

anything else anyone can add to this list

I'd like a proper BBK under $3,000, partly for the thought of it more than actual price (even $2,999 haha), but i want some free choice in at least my pads if i find i want less dust/more brake force/higher temp/price etc.