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Today at work, i was in the backroom, and 2 female employees in the back, talking. I was walking towards them and they stopped talking, looked at me and this is how the convo went :

Girl #1 : pheww, it's only *my name".

Me : Huh? What's up?

Girl #1 : Oh, i thought the manager was coming, didn't know it was you.

Me : Heh, talking in the backroom, how original. I'm not the manager, just an employee.

Girl #1 : You might as well be the manager, you drive a BMW!

Me : Haha, do i now? I ride a little tricycle to work!

Girl #2 : You can't hide from us, your BMW sticks out like a sore thumb, your not stealth.

Me : Hm, i should just paint my car matte black, so that way, i can be "stealthy".

Girl #1 : Oh hush, BMWs can't be stealthy, there to sexy.

Throughout the day, girl #1 kept teasing me about the Bimmer, made my day .