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thank you!!

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they may have great service, but 225 square?!? i'm about to purchase my 11th set of tires for this car, and have used several square setups, but none so narrow. currently loving my (spent) 255/265 star specs! i just can't think of a single decent reason to use such narrow tires.

Because of the square setup it`s feel neutral.
I don`t know how to tell in english, but you have the feeling that you are more connected to the car and to the street.
You feel what the car does way better than before.
You feel exactly when your car hits the stability limit and to want point you can push it.

Plus it`s pretty comfortable in cities and on bad roads.

The setup just fits my driving type perfect!
You can fit square 245 pretty easily

225 is WAY too narrow for the rear even in a 128i