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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
130i owner here, going hard around a corner my back lets go way too easily (245's right now)

i'd definitely nook at a 255/265 rear with 245 front even without any more power

the 225 front is only too small if i go in too hot, but the 245 rear is too small under just about any kind of hard acceleration, even in a straight light the traction control light blinks WAY too freaking often.

so as someone who CURRENTLY drives a 130i, i can definitely say you're not right
haha, okay!!
your 130i seems to have lot more power than mine!

you know that the traction control isn`t the best in the 130i?
There`s a big problem from 0-60. I hated it!
Especially with wider tires! had 225/255 and 215/245 mounted btw.
keep dtc in position 2 and try again, you will see that everything works fine!
more mass needs more time to get fast.

going wider in the front is the stupiest thing you can do because the 130 is understeering as hell!

your rear lets go too easy when you`re going fast threw a corner?
with an understeering car? not bad!!

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