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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
God that was about when my wife made me back off! OK, I am gonna check that one too whenever conditions come together By the way, another 1M owner from Chile (prefer not to give his username) claimed he topped a bit over 290 km/h on the speedo in his stock car. This makes around 280 km/h as real (read: just drag limited) top speed, if the claim is true.

Another note before completing the hijacking of this fine thread (sorry Artemis just scientific chat) is some German tuners charge you a bit to delimit your 1M as a stage 0.1 category tune and claim the unlimited car goes 280 km/h. For instance, Alpha N web site has that option among their various stages of tune. Maybe not in Germany but I believe at least for some markets there is no top speed regulator in stock 1Ms at all. Truck drag already holds you safe up there.

+1. Yes, I really hate to have this fine thread go off on a V-Max tangent. But here are my thoughts on this subject, then we can get back on track. Many tuners over here offer just the SW to take of the speed limiter from customer cars. Many charge upwards of 1K euros for that. A tune will run you more over here(1.5K euros plus).

I know for my German tuned 135i(US specs), I have seen speeds as high as 283 kph via my GPS(Navi). The speedo was pegged. And... I think my car will go faster... I just have not found an empty enough Autobahn. Stock the speedo said I was doing 250 kph while the same GPS said I was only driving at 240 kph!

The funny thing with driving (really) fast is people are not use to driving that fast. And to be honest some just do not remember how fast they were really going. I know I have run into many a M3 (e9x)owner who say there M3 will do 186 mph, and I tell them BS. Then I asked them how accurate their speedo is and they have no idea. BMW speedo's will read at least +5%. You really need a GPS and an empty autobahn.

Also... unless you have an Autobahn in your back yard... you are just not going to see these kinds of speeds. I guess I am spoiled by having unrestricted autobahns in my backyard. You can drive as fast as you want. Here is a question... I have gone WOT for so long, that all the vacuum is depleted in my HVAC and the vents default to the defrost while driving V-Max. I bet not many people know that will happen. I think you must drive longer than 30 seconds at V-max for that to occur. As soon as you lift off and generate some vacuum, the center air vents will work again.

And the other problem is the hood of our 1er's gets really scary at speed. The front edges start to peel up a few inches after 240 kph and up. I know I was talking to a guy who works at BMW AG... he has a friend who works at M GmbH... he told me his friend said that was the main reason why ///M will not make a "drivers package" (speed limiter bump up to 280 kph) like they do for the M3's and M5'/M6's. He said that the hood on the 1M could open at very high speeds. So that is why 250 kph is it from ///M. Btw the F20 have TWO places where the hood latches - so this problem has been "fixed" for the new M2.