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Originally Posted by sharkatron
Originally Posted by MteK View Post
Don't go for the cheap BBK. If you can't afford one of the three you mentioned then you are better off upgrading your stock set up. I've run rotora and Brembo and the Brembo's are a night and day difference.

Get the rotora's / ksport if you are into poor pad selection and pulsating brakes.
Isn't the rotora's the one on the Berk 135i car? With all the track time that car gets, I'm sure there is some evidence to suggest that they are ok, right?
Yup, but they seem to have swapped out to.. Performance friction

Rotoras seem to be about $2700
Performance friction at 3500+ (4k even maybe?)? Idk they're hard to find, will search more later
Too high maint/complex for me, 1 pad per piston, 4 pot fronts (355mm) and apparently 371mm rear? I'm so confused as that would TRASH brake balance.

Well they chose rotora over stoptech and brembo (and oem)... Performance friction is also PRICED above all others..